Nicasio Woodworks

The genetically separate individuals merge at the graft line, where the resulting wood demonstrates the complexity of their bond in beautiful colors and patterns.  Part of the visual beauty comes from the annual growth rings from each individual, who are growing at different rates.  As the sizes of each individual diverges, these annual rings first bend, and then can become horizontal at each side of the graft line. This bond is often the hardest wood in the tree.

Wedded Wood

Two Different Trees Come Together to Create Something New and Beautiful.

The French/English walnut produces a beautiful, canopied tree with excellent nuts, but it does not thrive in California

This sushi board is designed for cheeses or sushi and range from 12 - 18 inches in length

Bowls and trays are frequent products from Wedded WoodkTM​These are intended to be used regularly, but designed so that they are stored in a conspicuous place to provide a daily reminder of the symbolism represented by this unique and beautiful wood.

The Claro Walnut, a California native, is a rugged survivor, suited to California's soils and climate, but it produces a very hard, undesirable nut

Wedded WoodTM illustrates the story of a successful marriage in a piece of wood:  That joined together the two individuals do something neither could do on their own, that each individual retains their ability to grow in the manner consistant with their heritage and the place where these two individuals connect demonstrates that this process is very complex and very beautiful

This "landscape" is simply a slice at the graft line..  In it, the Claro walnut forms the "agricultural fields" the European Walnut's heartwood form the mountains and the European Walnut's sapwood forms the sky, with small knots becoming the setting sun.

Wedded Wood™ results from the marriage (aka grafting) of two types of trees, to achieve something neither could be on their own. Items made from Wedded Wood™ are the perfect gift for new couples as the wood demonstrates the best aspects of a good union:  expanded purpose, the maintenance of individuality and how the bond itself can present both strength and great beauty. 

Wedded by the graft, they create a single tree. 

The Claro anchoring to the soil, protecting the European canopy. 

Together, in union, the new tree thrives.