Hand carved bowls

These bowls from camphor wood offer a light, but distinctive set of patterns.

Each sculpted bowl is unique.  Each is hand carved, requiring many hours of detailed work to capture the distinctive features of each piece of wood.  It is the features in the wood that dictate the size and shape of each bowl, thus, sizes  vary, typically ranging from 12 to 40 inches long.  The inventory of available bowls changes from month to month.  If you see something you like or would like to order something custom made feel free to contact us.   You are also welcome to stop by and look at pieces, call and schedule a time.  Prices generally range from $80 - $1,000, with larger bowls priced higher.

This group of five Black Acacia bowls illustrate the beauty of this wood, and the contrasts between its outer sapwood and inner heart wood.  These range from 16 inches to nearly 30 inches in length

Nicasio Woodworks

These Wedded WoodTM  bowls prominently show the graft between black walnut and European walnut, which is common in California walnut orchards

These bowls, walnut on the left and camphor on the right,  illustrates the philosophy that the tree should tell its story without being confined to any size or shape

Cracker bowls are typically from 12 - 17 inches in length

This moderate sized walnut bowl demonstrates Nicasio Woodwork's "propeller handles".  These  take advantage of the sapwood to compliment the sapwood's complexity and beauty